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My head is spinning

Today I read through several online articles, blogs, etc. covering several issues.  What a day for information!  While I enjoy reading different views and comments, I have been dizzy the past hour trying to take it all in. 

Let’s start with the obvious.  Former CIA director, General Petraeus is visiting capitol hill today and giving testimony.  It is obvious there are many pieces to this puzzle and we can expect an almost daily revealing of new facts related to just the Benghazi part of the story.  Not to mention what may be learned in the coming days related to his personal life and national security. 

Today General Petraeus apparently stated he felt all along there was a terrorist element involved in the Benghazi attack.  He also said that he had nothing to do with the final talking points used by UN ambassador Rice on the Sunday shows.  And in fact what he had given the administration was much different from what was used.  We will eventually get to the truth in all of this as long as the two congressional committees involved ask the pressing questions and get answers.

Secondly, this is the day states were to make a decision regarding implementing “The Affordable Care Act” (ObamaCare).  There are many places to get information on this topic and even more places to get opinion.  What I find a little amusing is the use of words like fair, healthier, and more prosperous to describe the effect Obamacare will have on states and the nation.  Really???  More prosperous???  So, here is my challenge to the supporters of Obamacare.  Give me an example of a country using a similar system (socialized medicine) that we would consider prosperous.  Especially if there is one that wouldn’t be more prosperous if it didn’t have that type of program.  I could say much more about healthier and fair, but today I’ll leave it right here.

Finally, I want to address campaign promises.  Is it not odd that 2008 promises regarding the federal deficit and jobs were not kept, but we can all rest assured the promise of a tax increase on the wealthy will be.  It doesn’t take a political (or otherwise) genius to see what things are important to our President.  I hope he will work with everyone he can in order to improve things, but at this point hope is about all we have and there isn’t much of that left. 

Perhaps the weekend will give us all a chance to rest.  Monday will no doubt be as busy as today!