Right to Choose? Yes, Sometimes…


Oddly enough, the majority of those who believe in the “right to choose” are the first to want to stop someone from choosing whether or not to join a union.  I always find it frustrating to see those who are for civil rights and liberties when it’s for themselves turn so quickly to want to take away someone else’s right to make a decision.

Before, during, and after the Right to Work legislation in Michigan was passed, opponents have tried to reason their anti right-to-choose stance on the issue.  What is clear is they feel everyone should be forced either to join the union or pay money to the union in order to get a job. 

The reasoning on a basic level makes sense, I guess, if you were consistent on issues and there were not political contributions involved.  The fact the union bargains for wages and benefits is fine, and it’s understandable they would want everyone to pay their share because they worked the deal.  However, that is not exactly all that is going on here.   

What RTW does is allow those who don’t want to join a union for any reason, do not have to.  What politicians that oppose RTW know is the endorsements and especially the amount of money that will be given to their campaigns will likely drop.  In some cases the drop will be dramatic I’m sure.  No longer do folks who don’t agree with certain political views have to give money to those candidates. 

As with most things these days, what the liberals can’t understand is how those workers would want to decide those things for themselves.  Choice is something they only want when it is convenient or in their own best interest. 

One more case of “If you don’t agree with us, you don’t deserve to say anything”.

The worst part of this in the short-term was the violence and overall ridiculous behavior by some as the bill was passed yesterday.  As usual, if you don’t agree with these people, they can do and say whatever they want to or about you and not be held accountable. 

Our President practically encouraged their actions before hand and didn’t even condemn the violence afterward.


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