Believe or not…

This morning I read the AP article outlining the recent developments in the Montana court case regarding the statue of Jesus at a ski resort. Below is an excerpt from the article.

“A lawsuit seeking the removal of a Jesus statue near a Montana ski resort will go on after a national group of atheists and agnostics produced a local member who says he is offended by the religious symbol whenever he swooshes down the slopes.”

Published November 29, 2012
Associated Press

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the true spirit of  “the seperation of church and state.”  After reading this article I want to add a point or two and raise a couple of questions.

First of all if you believe in “nothing” why would you care what kind of statue was anywhere? Does this mean Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, or Spiderman would also offend you? I know that is a little silly, but follow this logic for a moment. To anyone who doesn’t recognize Jesus as anything other than a “character” in a book or even “just another human being” his statue should not be offensive. Would those same people be offended by a life-sized replica of any of the other aforementioned “characters”? 

I am a little amazed (although less each day) by some who seem to constantly be looking for a fight for causes which cost others money and in the end really don’t accomplish anything. 

I would also say to those of you who claim to believe in nothing or don’t believe in God… Study in order to make informed decisions about these things.  If after that you still feel the same way, there is no reason to make such a big deal of it.  No one is trying to force you to believe by having a Jesus statue, putting up a Christmas tree or nativity, or displaying the ten commandments (which is actually a pretty good set of rules to live by whether you agree with the origin or not).


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