Looking Back to Move Forward



Through a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and into the following week I have realized even more this year how much we have to be thankful for.  Regardless of our political, social, economic, or religious differences, we have much about being an American to be thankful for. 

While lately, due to a recent election season, we have noticed our differences more than similarities, we are still all free. 

Looking at news around the world should remind us just how good it is to live here and how privileged we are to have choices.  Let’s not lose sight of what has allowed us as a nation to get here. 

For a couple of centuries we have been a country of people with similar ideals, core values, etc.  Why now does it seem so many are willing to abandon these things?  Is there really that much wonder in what is happening to our country when we look at what some would have us be. 

There are several reasons, but the one most affecting our culture overall has to be the view of the family.  In today’s America there are so many less “traditional” families than even 20 years ago.  We, as a society, are so tolerant, we refuse to point out things that are wrong or that effect society negatively. 

Everyone has the “right” to do whatever they like, and if you don’t like it you are prejudice or trying to take away someone’s rights, etc.  Seriously???  How about we all sit down together at dinner every evening, spend some time every Sunday doing something… or nothing together.  We might even benefit from sitting down to watch a television program together once a week. 

The social deterioration of our nation is obvious.  Things that were important to us years ago are no longer high on our list of priorities.  And now we have some “leaders” in politics who are taking advantage of this ever-changing view by helping people be dependent on our government. 

We need to work to get America back to being prosperous.  When most were working toward similar goals.  Certainly, one place to start to restore the values that made us great is the family.


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