When can you fight back?

At what point will the people of Israel be able to react to terrorism and not be condemned for it?  For over a decade Hamas has fired Rockets into Israel.  What would we (The United States of America) do if Rockets were being fired by terrorist into our cities from just across the border?  I believe we would first end the Rocket attacks immediately using any force necessary.  Then we would hunt down any and all those responsible for US casualties and “bring them to justice”. 

Many, apparently feel our friends in Israel should not be afforded the same rights we would allow ourselves.  Some have suggested it is Israel’s fault, others that Rockets being fired into Israeli cities has only psychological effects.  I would laugh at someone actually saying that if the reality of it weren’t so sad.  People have been killed (civilians including children), but so many are looking for a reason to blame Israel they ignore everything terrorist have done to them over the years.  It is truly unbelievable that we have people on television who would even suggest such things and worse that they don’t have to answer for it.

We need to start looking at things from the proper perspective.  Walk a mile in someone’s shoes and imagine what we would do. 

Is there any wonder what would happen if Iran was located in Mexico and was developing nuclear capabilities?  We would never allow this to happen.  Especially if Iranian leaders had so openly displayed such hate for us.  This is essentially the position Israel is in right now.  A country that wishes to wipe them off the face of the earth is working to develop nuclear weapons.  Terrorists are firing Rockets into its cities killing its citizens.  And other countries in the region seem to be joining its foes rather than helping stop the attacks

Americans and the world need to take a long look at what is going on and take a moment to consider what we would expect from our government and everyone else if in the same situation.


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