Separation of Church and State

Each year as we approach the holiday season some small town or rural principality has a group from the “big city” come out to be sure the constitution is being followed to the letter with regard to “separation of church and state”.  While I don’t believe the intent of our forefathers was to keep the nativity from being displayed in front of municipal buildings, this broad interpretation has been widely accepted over the past thirty years.  The 1st amendment actually reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  It has absolutely nothing to do with the manger scene.  It is in the simplest terms, a way to keep from having a “religion of the state” or a particular religion endorsed by the government.  Escaping government imposed religion was one of the reasons for founding our country.  The separation was intended to be from the side of the State not that of the church.  Without a broad and liberal interpretation, we would not be seeing the things we do today.

The question that comes to me now is why are the people who claim to believe in nothing those who are offended by anything representing belief in something?  What we now have are groups who set out to find ways to prove they can make sure you don’t have any religious affiliated material anywhere near any public property.  For what?  Are they saving America?  Are they protecting our children?  From what? 

Let’s get back to using the constitution as a guide for freedom and stop using it to tell one another why one freedom is more important than another.


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