Just the facts

The more comments I read regarding the attack in Benghazi the more frustrated I become.  The purely political spin that surrounds this and many other issues is at the very least unhealthy for our country. 

The facts regarding Benghazi were not covered by most media outlets prior to Tuesday’s election and that can not be disputed by anyone who has taken 20 minutes to look into this.  I watched President Obama speak to the U.N. (the entire speach, not just clips from one network or another) and he continued to lead all of us to believe this was a random act of violence and not terrorist attack.  Regardless of what the President and Candy Crowley would have you believe, he did not declare this a terror attack on September 12.  He and others in his administration continued for days to refer to an anti-muslim video when speaking about the attack.  

The sad part is the effort to keep the truth from us really isn’t even the most frustrating thing about it all.  The fact we are so politically divided we would give one person a pass and call the other a liar because we simply don’t agree with him is what I take issue with.  Our major news organizations report the news based on how they want people to look in the eyes of the public.  With an election looming, there was little coverage of the Benghazi attack with respect to the facts.  When news of correspondance from the consulate before and during the attack surfaced, little attention was brought to it.  Mitt Romney decided not to press this issue in the final debate,a move that likely helped seal his election fate. 

Until we as the American people stop blindly following the candidate from our party and recognize the truth regardless of who is telling it, we will not be stronger, better, more prosperous.  Demand the truth from our elected officials and keep asking until they produce it, even if he holds the highest office in the land.  And demand the news organizations give facts and follow the entire story rather than what they want you to know.  It should give pause to every single American when a television “news” personality says he is “glad we had that storm” so his candidate would have a better chance to win an election.  People died, homes and businesses were destroyed, and a well-known “journalist” lets his always politically motivated thoughts come rushing out of his mouth before being able to filter them. 

We the people can no longer let this happen!


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